ruth heidebreicht

Ruth is the Director of TheMitt.TV. 

tara humphrey

Tara is our Production Manager and has been in various positions in the world of broadcast television for over 25 years. You may now here from seeing her filming events in our area for the past 11 years, through this time she has become a true 'fixture' in our community. Tara has a tremendous resume in the broadcast industry, including work as a news photographer, and master control operator, assistant editor who worked on Emmy award winning programs aired on Fox Sports and PBS. In addition to her professional broadcast experience, Tara has also taught students at Romeo High School to produce and edit their own award winning programs. She has adopted our community as her town and will continue to work and teach our interns and residents the "ins and outs" of producing the finest quality of local and original programs. Some spotlights of her resume include her work on the Super Bowl, numbers NBA productions, an NBC affiliate, the Ryder Cup and working on independent films. 

danny bartolotta

Danny has been involved with media at multiple levels for the past 6 years. Danny is a full time student at the University of Detroit in an accelerated MBA program, and here at TheMittTV he is our Social Media Manager who heads up all of our social media campaigns and contests in addition to serving as a host and camera-person for the company. Since 2010, Danny has been involved with local cable stations, in various positions. His involvement in the community reaches far beyond his local television experience, Dannyโ€™s commitment to the betterment and preservation of our amazing community as well as his deep connection with our schools makes him an incredibly valuable member of our team here at TheMittTV.


Josh has worked in film and video production at almost every level over the course of his 10-year career. After receiving his Bachelors of Arts degree from Grand Valley, he began his career in the film industry as a lighting technician. Josh has been a part of several blockbuster films, music videos for well-known artists, and a litany of network TV shows. In addition to his work with TheMittTV, he is also a wedding videographer and, in his free time, he works as a stand-up comic; telling bad jokes to crowds of strangers every chance he gets! 

Josh Weyhing